Today in the city Hollywood 25.07.2017
Health and medical professionals are 'preparing for the worst' with Medicaid

Small-business owners are bullish on the economy and sales outlook, except for one group: health-care company owners.

With The Senate's Health Care Vote Delayed, What's Next For Democrats?

Do Democrats want to work with Republicans to make the health bill better? Rachel Martin talks to Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Senate Republicans struggle to salvage health-care bill

The top Senate Republican struggled to salvage major health-care legislation sought by President Trump.

Democrats Split on Joining GOP for Health Care Fix

The divisions and infighting plaguing the GOP's efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare are contagious — the Democrats face a rift of their own on health care.

The GOP's cartwheeling troupe of sycophants and hacks are lying their heads off about health care

Senate Republicans are struggling mightily to pass their version of TrumpCare. They had originally scheduled a vote for this week, but have pushed it back to after the July recess to give the leadersh...

Republicans: Don't bail out health insurers. Bail out customers.

It's no secret that ObamaCare's health insurance markets aren't doing great. Premiums have gone up and a few major insurers have pulled out, leaving some states and counties with few (or no) options....

How pro-life conservatives can fix health care

Pro-life conservatives aren't wrong to push for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. But we also have to be honest about who's likely to be hit hardest by such a defunding, and by the repealing of Oba...

Senate Health Bill Needs To Change Dramatically, AARP Says

Steve Inskeep talks to David Certner, legislative policy director for government affairs at AARP, about why his organization wants the Senate to scratch the GOP health care bill and start again.

GOP Health Plan Vote Delayed, But Sen. Rounds Will Vote 'Yes'

Steve Inskeep talks to Republican Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota about why he supports the GOP Senate health care bill.

Selling (or Not) the American Health Care Act

The American Health Care Act is the most unpopular piece of major legislation Congress has considered in decades. But that may be in the way Republicans are messaging their bill to repeal and replace...

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